wide awake 3:30 am

DAMN!  wide awake since 3:02, not hot flash induced.  woke up making lists in my mind.  experience tells me I must write it out to get back to sleep.  here goes:

things I have to do this week:

  1. follow husbands progress..getting his echocardiogram today.
  2. finish making more hat and scarf sets for the silent auction for charity at school
  3. read over new curriculum for new portion of Financial Literacy class I am teaching that will begin on Thursday
  4. make appointmnet with ummm, someone to discuss new ache in arms…had for 4 days now.  don’t know the significant nor the source.
  5. make appoint with Charley Dabbs, therapist.   yes, THAT kind of therapist…had taken a break since christmas, need to get back into the groove there.
  6. make dental apointments for both kids
  7. figure out how to do the electronic attendance thing with a borrowed laptop at school.  Still don’t have the technology working perfectly in the room I teach in 5 periods out of the day.
  8. make an appointment for Louie’s haircut, his Sea Cadet’s drill is this weekend, so I must get his stripes sewn on the utilities uniform as well.
  9. make another appointment with Dr. Evans.  Found out MY cholesterol is too high.  Gotta love this doc, he requests a 20 minute appointment.  Really, (not facetious) love him.

There I think that is it.  oNly 9 things to do after I get work and family obligations in this week.  Kind of hoped to get a manicure in this week, but that’s probably out of the question.

Oh.  Just thought of one more. 

10.  Figure out how to get more of the special-special $145.00 per .08 oz cream from Dr. Barone.  Turns out this stuff was fabulous on my radiated skin, but the discount was a one time only offer.  my income/budget ratio is pretty exact and of course insurance doesn’t cover this one.  :^(

There….powers that be….can I go to sleep now?  It’s 3:51 and I have to wake up at 4:40 am.



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