back to bed.

….just for the record, when you have three blood tests in one poke, you need to drink more water during the day.  I know this.  I have no excuses, except I forgot to carry my water bottle into work.  I just am trying to eliminate the number of needle pokes in my only “pokable arm”, the right side.  This afternoon was a complete washout.  I was “good for nothing” after the lab visit.

Doesn’t really explain the recent recurrant swelling of the left hand and the expander implant right breast side. 

Seems as if things are moving around under some strange force of nature, and not letting me in on “the plan”.   I’m not real thrilled about all of this, and would like it to stop.  I really don’t have time for more medical appointments even if they are with my wonderful docs.

I’m going back to bed, and it is before 9 pm!

Stupid cancer.


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