so bizarre………

Monday morning

“Really.  I usually don’t have so much ‘drama’ in my life”  I found my self saying to Dr. B about the crazy amazing expanding boob of mine.  But what is happening?”

His response, “I don’t know.  Let’s remove 50 cc’s from the expander implant”

Really?  That’s the answer?  Seemed like a temporary fix to me. It did relieve the pressure on the skin significantly.  OK that was good.  But WHY does this implant side of me seem to ‘grow”?

I’ve started a growth chart of sorts.  Made 4 sharpie marks on the skin and will chart this week to see how things “develop”.  From Monday to Tuesday, about a half inch expansion laterally and 1/4″ vertically, but the good news is, from Tuesday at 10:30 pm to Wednesday at 5:15 am, the growth is less than 1/4 inch. 

Maybe I can scare that boob into submission.


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