three for thursday

the boobwithamindofherown has only expanded 1/4″ laterally and 1/8″vertically overnight.  thankfully. 

Just consumed 28 fl.oz. water, will have a pelvic ultrasound in 45 minutes.

After that I get to go to an appointment atThe Victory Center with Veronica…maybe she’ll play the music that gets you “stoned” again.  Lucky me.

After that I go to get a Dexascan.  Check out my bones.

After that I go to the grocery store, and fill my Mother Hubbard bare cupboards.  Also try to find jeans that “picky son who is blowing out the knees” will wear.

Somewhere in there I MUST grade 4″ stack of Junior High papers.

Believe it or not, at this moment in time I actually feel kind of good, except for the swollen glands right up under my chin.  Gotta make a call on that (along with my other list of 4 medical phone calls to make today)

More later.


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