5 days later….

and I’m still here and happy to say I can laugh out loud again.  This is not to say that I haven’t had a good time in the last week, but because of the “delay” surgery, laughing was……well, difficult.  On thursday, the day of the surgery, I came home feeling pretty damn good, because they give you great drugs when they knock you out for surgery.  By Friday, well, that was another story.  I felt real “ouchy”, as in every time I moved or laughed or coughed or sat down or sat up I would go, “ow ow ow ow ow” both from the incision and the muscle layers that had been disturbed in the procedure.  Not that it was terrible pain, it was just damned uncomfortable.  BUT, I took my main pain meds for only two days and by Sunday I felt decent enough to drive myself to church and stay for the potluck with the Unitarians.  Today, Tuesday, I can say that I feel much, much better.

Since I last posted I’ve been back to Dr. Barone, and the official report is that I have great anatomy and am a “good healer”.  By the way, I asked about why this surgery, the snipping of the lower epigastric artery in preparation for the TRANS (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous  flap ) is called the delay procedure and received this unimpressive definition: “delay” refers to performing the rest of the surgical operation at a later point in time.  Thought it might be more clinical than that, but no..  Apparently delay procedures increase the likelihood that the following surgery will be more succesful, due to the subsequent bulking up of the superior epigastric artery, which is the primary initial blood source for the whole muscle and fat flap that is to become my new left breast.

my new left breast.  In a way, it will kind of be like going to the hospital to have a baby.  You don’t exactly know what to expect, except that it will surely hurt, and you hope that the prize will be worth it all.  Kind feel like I should be thinking of a name for her.

Got any ideas?


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