nurses are…

incredible.   This entry is inspired by one of the images that Bill Jordan captured last Thursday.

This is Suzi, and was taken “pre-op”.  The funny thing is, I don’t remember this moment.  She is such an experienced nurse, knew my meds had begun to take effect and it was highly likely that I wouldn’t remember anything at this point.  But look at her smiling eyes, her hands giving me a “hug”. 

I am so grateful for the many great nurses I have met on this cancer trip.  They have given me the opportunity to share my worries, and then gently diminish them.  I love the fact that I can email my oncology nurses with questions about test results, and get a message back the same day.  My radiation nurse one day called me back at the end of a visit to have another look at the burns, and provided a different method of dealing with desolate and destroyed skin, because she didn’t want me to experience any anxiety over the weekend.

I love it when they say, “Keep the questions coming.”

How do you thank someone for that kind of caring and experience?


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One Response to “nurses are…”

  1. Jason Evans Says:

    I forgot to get a copy of that item you have about optimism on your book. Can you email it too me, or post it here?
    It was very inspirational, as is this blog.
    Dr. Evans

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