Face up to fear…

So this is the wrapper off of my Dark Chocolate Dove bar from last week.  I thought it kind of funny, given that I have another medical issue to deal with for the forseeable future.  Then last night, my left hand pinkie finger went numb.  Then my hand and a bit up my arm.  Lasted for more than 4 hours.  Not exactly numb, but more like a “pins and needles” sensation.  I’m at the point now, where my emotions are kind of crazy.  I was pissed off, scared and disgusted all at once…..what is this?  A Stroke? Problem with the Coumadin?  One of the other drugs?  Something from the surgery??  Sixteen months, and I am sick and tired of dealing with it all, and would like to just get on with life already.  Today my NP from Primary Care Doc-Man called back and said, not life threatening, put an ice pack on it. 

So there.  Not a day to die, but a day for ice packs.  I win again!


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