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August 16, 2010

Thank God I get to go to work.  Not only do I really love what I do, but it feels like a “return to normal”.  Yea, I had stupid technology problems all day today at school, but that is kind of normal, too for the beginning of the school year.

As long as I wear the horribly hot compression stockings I think my DVT side will make it.  I hope.

At least I feel good. I’m grateful for that.



August 2, 2010

So this last week I spent a fair amount of time and psychic energy chasing a different treatment (called the ATTRACT Study, short for Acute Venous Thrombosis: Thrombus Removal with Adjunctive CatheterDirected Thrombolysis) method for DVT (blood clots) but in the end, I found myself in a box canyon.  I was, and still am, so disappointed.

Lou found an article about a new method of delivering clot busting drugs directly to the area in the vein via catheter which then also mashes up the clot and eliminates the risk of “post thrombotic syndrome”.  Not only that, a doc here in Toledo is one of the principal investigators in this study.  So after a some time thinking about it all and doing a little research, I finally got through to the person in charge……and found out I was about two weeks too late to be considered for the study……….sigh. again…..

I am trying to be positive, but sometimes I just get disappointed.  Not mad or sad, but disappointed.  The more I learn about the dangers of DVT and Post thrombotic syndrome, the more I want this phase to be over. As I write this I have my leg elevated and on ice because it is quite swollen tonight.  This is not how I wish to spend the rest of the year, much less the rest of my life.  I’d really like to be able to just go for a walk without constantly checking my ankle to see if it is getting swollen.

This is worse than the summer of chemo, because at least that nastiness had an “end date”.  This DVT business is like an ugly storm cloud that follows you around everyday, and unleashes a blinding torrent of rain and debilitating hail without any warning….you just have to always be completely prepared to deal with it……which means a lot of time spent thinking, “should I be going to the hospital right now or is this ok?”

To find out more aboout the ATTRACT Study, go to: