9 is a very good number when it comes to the CA125 test.  Anything below 30 is considered low risk for ovarian cancer.  So 9 sounds good to me.  However, the most recent research I can find indicates that this specific test will show  elevated levels in only 50% of early tumors. So………. apparently this week I will be on another rollercoaster ride until my docs receive the ultrasound reports and interpret them for me.  Maybe tomorrow.


In the meantime, maybe someone reading this might like to support me, or make a donation for the Komen Race for the Cure in a couple weeks.  Maybe you even wanna join my TEAM!  That would be Team JBN.  Maybe you just want to donate a few dollars.  Or maybe a bunch of dollars ( I still need more than $100.00 to meet my fundraising goal of $400.00)

Heres where you go:

http://nworace10.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=418590&lis=1&kntae418590=C30A281E24DF4FFA8D274253A968B69E&supId=301701420 ( I know this is ridiculous, I don’t know how to make the links easy and cool looking…)

Look for Team JBN if you want to join in (or even join the “Sleep for the Cure” team for heavens sake!).

Look for my name:  Kay-Lynne Schaller if you would like to make a donation.

And, thanks for your support.  I can not express just how much your interest/care/concern has helped me.


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One Response to “9”

  1. dawn h-s Says:

    Hey, you and your team are welcome to come to BG City park after the race and join my team, The Posse, for a brunch of sorts….Hoffman Shelter.

    I haven’t set a time yet, but my family will provide burgers, dogs, and chicken. I’m asking others to bring a side dish to share and drinks.

    We’d love to have you, your family, and your team!

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