brief update

yea, I know not much has been posted here lately.   Partly, that’s good news.  Means I’m at least still at work, and not at home recuperating in bed.  I have had lots of news to share, just not the time to write. 

Life seems crazy busy, and I feel as if I’ve been swept onto the fast train.  It’s not all bad.  I’ve had some really cool opportunities come my way and had fun.  But also have new responsibilities both at home and work, and not another minute has been added to the day to get it all done.  I’d be frustrated, but I’m too tired to work up that much energy.

In the meantime, a quick update:  Seems as if the recent ultrasound (ovaries) was OK, but really I’m not completely convinced.  Maybe it’s the cancer apprehension speaking, but I think when I see the U of M onco next month, I’ll schedule the genetic (BRCA1 and BRCA2) testing.  Might as well know those odds.

Reconstruction surgery #2 has been delayed due to DVT, but the plan now is to have that surgery in January.  And speaking of DVT, I’m still on blood thinners and my goal is to be off of them by November.  I’ll be very lucky if that happens, but that’s what I have set in my mind at this point in time.

Just this week during my radiation oncology visit my substitute-doctor told me the weird metal taste I’ve had in my mouth for a week now is Thrush.  Great.  Another medicine.  Another thing to deal with.  But, I guess on the scale of all the things that could happen, I should probably be grateful that I have a stupid fungal infection now.  At least I’m trying to talk myself into that mindset for the now.  But, it also means that my immune system is not where it should be………sigh…….it’s all so disappointing. 

But in the meantime, I just keep getting through each day, and hope that I might actually be seeing a sliver of light at the end of this really crappy tunnel.


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