gut feeling

So I went to my GP today and finally had one small amount of good news.  The venous doppler test I had last month to check the status of blood clots showed no clots.  Good news is that I can go off of blood thinners, and just hope and believe that this medical malady is behind me.  Still don’t now what “caused” that problem, but hopefully I am safe without these meds.  I will do a different blood test in two weeks to see if there are any other possible clotting culprits lurking about in my system. 

Other topics of discussion:  No answer for the metal mouth taste I’ve carried around for more than 6 weeks now.  Bleck, yeck, yuck, icky taste in the mouth.  No answer.

No answer for the fatigue, except maybe stress.  I think that’s the answer we came up with.  I didn’t take notes on that part of our conversation and have had a billion intense thoughts since this morning, so that’s all I can remember about that.

Have some other random testing planned, and one big deal test.

Big damn deal test is the PET scan that we scheduled for next Tuesday before I left his office.  I specifically asked, “Am I overreacting about this lump?”  His response, “not given your history, no.”  His recommendation, at the least, a PET scan, or go straight to biopsy.  I didn’t know what to choose, but they were willing to schedule the PET scan immediately, so that’s what we did.  Once I got to school, I called my surgeon’s office, and they asked to see the PET scan before scheduling time with her. 

In a weird way, I feel better with yet another diagnostic test on this big hard lump on my rib.  It’s  just a gut feeling that I need more information.  I’m amazed that I had to go to my GP to get the order.  Thanks Dr. E.


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