PET Scan

Finally got the PET scan this morning at Flower.  The past week, the anxiety over having to wait for this test was, at times, enough to instigate little mini-anxiety moments.  Not anxiety “atttacks”…..I feel that I possess a miniscule amount of self control to avert the suddenness of anxiety, but rather I would just find myself thinking about how many more days and hours I had until Tuesday morning.

Now Tuesday morning has come and gone, I’ve had my PET scan, and feel utterly drained.  Maybe it’s the radioactive medicine I had directly injected into my bloodstream.  Maybe again, it’s just……….anxiety again, my old friend. 

I had to “fast” for twelve hours to prepare for the test, and this morning as I was getting ready, I was so hungry.  But once the scan was complete, not really all that hungry.  Hungry got bumped for scared.  So there.  I’m scared to receive the results.  My next appointment with R. Onco isn’t until Sunday morning.  Four and a half days from now for my imagination to run wild.

Falling asleep at the laptop….gotta give in to sleep when it comes.  More later.



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