an update-final surgery within sight

Wow.  It’s been 23 months since this thing began, and now I am staring right in the face of my last planned surgery in my quest  to find my way out of cancerland.

The last three weeks have been busy with work, husband, kids, food, Doctors appointments, EKG, compiling extensive family health history for genetic study and preparation for the big day, January 27th.  The actual name of the procedures is almost laughable:

Excision of Mass of left TRAM flap (well, excising a MASS isn’t really so funny), Removal Right Tissue Expander, Capsulotomy & Thoracoepigastric Flap, Augment with Cohesive Silicone Implants, Bilateral.

That’s the long way around saying, if the lump on the left is something to remove, it will be removed and biopsied.  The remaining left side will be augmented with a small implant under the TRAM flap (my own tissue that was moved “up there” last June).  The temporary implant that has been in the right side since May 2009 (and now feels about as comfortable as a softball under my chest skin)  is about to be removed and replaced with what has promised to be a fabulous breast.

While I’ve been told that it is a “piece of cake” surgery compared to what I’ve already been through, it is still  3+ hours in surgery, anesthesia, post op pain and swelling.  I am most disappointed with the idea of coming home with drain tubes though.  I don’t know why it hadn’t dawned on me before, but I didn’t realize that I’d have the drain tubes until the appt. with the PS about a week ago.  Sigh.  This is…not gonna be fun.

Jackson-Pratt Surgical Drain

I promise I’ll update here after surgery (probably in a Percocet haze).


Wish me good luck.


2 Responses to “an update-final surgery within sight”

  1. Gaely Says:

    LUCK! I will be thinking about you!

  2. Cathy Z Says:

    Wishing you luck and more. Hugs!

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