Hazy Brain

Yesterday was my last surgery.  The anesthesiologist really did her job, I have absolutely no recollection of even the trip into the surgical suite.  None.  Yesterday afternoon and evening I was in a complete fog.  I managed to watch a little TV (about 10 minutes at a time) until I dozed off.  Tried to read, but only got a page or two further in my book until the book literally fell out of my hand.  I guess it was the residual anesthesia combined with the pain meds.

I came home with a super-duper pain ball…wear it like a fanny pack and I guess it delivers the meds directly into blood stream?   I dunno how it works exactly, but I also have two different oral pain meds, too.  And this time I am not shy about using them.  Every small physical move brings on an ouchouchouch…..

And still fuzzy in the brain.  I am actually having a difficult time tapping out this little post.

But I hear Dr. B and Suzi did a great job on the reconstruction.  Don’t know about that either, as I’m not supposed to peek under the dressings until I go to their office on Monday.  Seems like a long time away to me now.

More later when I have a bit more cognitive functioning.


One Response to “Hazy Brain”

  1. Christen Nolfi Says:

    Hi! Glad everything is going well. Call me if you need anything at all!
    Love and hugs!

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