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5th annual Victory Center fashion show – Breaking News, Weather and Sports

April 1, 2012

5th annual Victory Center fashion show – Breaking News, Weather and Sports.


The Victory Center presentation, February 3, 2012

April 1, 2012


Back in January, Michelle from the Victory Center called and asked me if I would deliver a short presentation at the “Pretty in Pink” Fundraiser/Fashion Show for The Victory Center.  Such an easy thing to say “Yes!” to!  The following is my presentation:


So, there it is.  I always thought attention to health and wellness, and my very good karma would deliver me through this life problem free until the day, three years ago my doctor said, “Hmmnnn……this doesn’t look good kiddo. You have a sizable mass that concerns me with irregular margins.”   

And it literally, was Friday the 13th,  when I first heard the words:
Invasive Mammary Carcinoma, estrogen and progesterone positive.

This was the beginning of my new life as the cancer-girl.  Wow, how quickly things can change.  Suddenly, my life had a new vocabulary:

Blood tests.  MRI.  Bone Scans.  Reddicat and CT Scans.  Mastectomy, BILATERAL Mastectomy. Breast Expanders. Chemotherapy, ATC, TC, chemopain, CHEMOBRAIN, second opinions, Radiation, 25 treatments, 5 weeks, Gummi Bear Implants, Blood clots, Lovenox, Coumadin, Arimidex, and SLEEPLESS sleepless nights.

Telling others I had cancer was an interesting, yet  hellish experience.  I never had bad news before.  I needed to learn how to even say the words, “I have breast cancer”,  and I discovered I hated expressions of sympathy, because…..because they made me wilt into an emotional mess that I didn’t want to admit to even myself .

I was scared.  Sometimes, I still am…..

My new friends included  Breast Health Educators, Lab Technicians, Nutritionists, Counselors, Prosthesis Fitters, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Plastic Surgeons, many many nurses and technicians, and an amazing and interesting array of “women who have been there” who are nice enough to just talk to me.         

And lucky lucky me, a good friend told me to go to this place called:
The Victory Center.

My heavens, the people I met at The Victory Center.

Starting with Penny.  and  Lynn.  You have an ability to express care that truly sets you apart from any other staff at any other organization.  Kelly and Laura and Dianne.  You know, we all know, those of us who have been through your doors, we know that you care.  

You know how to care in a way that isn’t tinged with sympathy, but with a knowing that speaks to our resilience of the spirit…that even if we look a little rough, or feel down, or have a hard time even walking, we are hopeful, knowing that we will at least feel better when we leave.

The Victory Center offers a positive to a most negative experience…..  

Massage, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Reiki and Sound Therapy.  

All wonderful new words for for those of us who receive these services..

The vocabulary of feelings for the participants of The Victory Center…..  quiet.  soothing.  balance.  love.  comfort.  cool.  calm.  care.  relaxation.  


When you go through an experience as scary as cancer, to be able to find the place that brings a peaceful vocabulary into your dissonant mind,

That is Victory.